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Let's explore some beach and island destinations. Kaputas beach, Turkey: "If you could paint a picture of the perfect, untouched Mediterranean beach, Kaputas would be it. This small stretch of golden sand lies at the bottom of a steep, rocky gorge with endless shades of turquoise lapping at its shores." I struggle with how to present thoughtful travel in terms of beaches. They are threatened with rising tides, over-crowding and trash. But they are our primary destination. Most are prepared for regional guests. Stretch your imagination and consider a range of weeks at the beach.  I've not been to an urban beach. We like solitude, unless we have family with us. I've included some that few folks will ever visit. With miles of shore, there's plenty of beach to go around.

The Carolina Coast
Enjoy the ocean by day and Southern Coastal culture by night.
Quiet Beach Life
Quiet beach vacations are not a myth, they do exist and here's where you begin your search.
Hidden Beach, Mexico
It takes work to get to Hidden Beach, which is set inside a cave with a massive hole to the sky. You need to take a boat here, then swim or kayak through a tunnel.
Pink Sand Bahamas
The magic of Harbour Island is spell-binding. We had a beach-side cottage at Pink Sands Resort which we highly recommend - nothing quite like waking in the morning to the sun rising over the sea which was the view from the room
Grace Bay, Turks & Caicos
"The most iconic and awe-inspiring stretch of sand in the world."
Amalfi Coast, Italy
Stay for a week and learn how limoncello is made. Go off season and stay in a village.
Jersey Shore Road Trip
There are a few places in the world where you can savor the beach region Jersey shore is one.
Here's an interesting place to stay at Cape May.
Miami Beach, Florida
South Beach is considered a major entertainment area of Miami Beach with tourists arriving from Europe, Canada, and many other regions of the world to enjoy the hundreds of shops, restaurants, and night clubs. There is no off season.
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Quiet Beach Life

Quiet beach vacations are not a myth, they do exist and here's where you begin your search.

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