The Mediterranean

Known for its stunning beaches, rich culture, incredible cities and delicious food, the Mediterranean has long been a top tourist destination. Approximately 200 million visitors flock to the area each year. With thousands of miles of coastlines, you can choose what suits you best. Pick your favorite country and find your beach. 

Amalfi Coast, Italy
Visiting Amalfi Coast was never so exciting!
Get involved in the only walking, cooking and eating formula of the coast,
Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia
Approximately 12 miles/20 kilometers north of Tunis lies the idyllic seaside town of Sidi Bou Said. Perched on top of a steep cliff, it's surrounded by breathtaking Mediterranean views
Bosa, Sardinia
Crossed by the river Temo (only navigable river in Sardinia) is characterized by typical colorful houses in pastel colors, the wrought-iron balconies, the narrow alleys of the old town … give it a magical atmosphere in Bosa handing the title of one of the most beautiful villages of Italy.
Camargue, France
When childhood dreams about white horses come true.
Barcelona, Spain
I would still go to Barcelona beaches ( I haven't been, but the city is worth the beach as an aside). This is the flip side of tourism. Respect your hosts or stay home. Or eat your way through town.
Fethiye, Turkey
Fethiye famous resort is called the "Turquoise Coast" of Turkey. It nestles among hills covered with pine trees in a picturesque bay on the Mediterranean Sea.
Tamernout-Plage,Tetouan, Morocco
Perfectly poised atop a slope on the edge of the Mediterranean coast, Tetouan Morocco offers you the best of both worlds: a largely untouched medina with an authentic taste not easily found elsewhere in Morocco and a strategic location from which to explore the surrounding area. Resting on the foot of the Rif Mountains and a few kilometers from the sea, this quiet town is often overlooked by visitors for all the wrong reasons.
Zlatni-Rat-Beach, Brach Island
Facing south, directly opposite the Island of Hvar, the famous and stunning Zlatni Rat Beach juts out into the turquoise sea – Situated at the edge of the little old town of Bol, it is much photographed due to its shape-shifting beauty and it’s turquoise colours – the peninsula of shingley sand changes shape with the tides – this beach is much visited and a space on it is sought after!
Valletta, Malta  credit-kirkandmimi.
Malta may only measure a compact 27km by 14km, but the tiny island nation is crammed with splendid sights, from 5000-year-old temples to spine-tinglingly beautiful lagoons and rock formations.
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