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Kayak, Snorkel,Scuba,Surf

This is some of the fun stuff concerning thoughtful travel. Instead of seeing sights and being entertained you can learn new skills in interesting places or sharpen your technique. Another plus is the places that cater to these water sports are eager for visitors.  Many communities suddenly find their village discovered   by casual tourists as a hidden gem that took generations to create. It's a real plus that you can enjoy these activities all over the world. You can choose isolated locations or ones packed with other things to spark your interest. Note that the suggestions offered on this site are only to whet your appetite and get you interested in learning new things. As the web site matures I'll begin to offer places that I recommend. Now search for the water world that fits your interest.

The Toe River Valley
The Southern Appalachian Mountains have some of the most beautiful whitewater in the country. Hiking, fishing, the Appalachian Trail, and the Great Smoky Mountains are all right here.
In the valley:
The link site connects to the Nolichucky river as our high waters roar out of the valley
Ecuador Whitewater
​​The rivers of Ecuador are what initially brought us to this beautiful country, but it is the people and the scenery of this favorite destination that have kept us here all these years.
Surf Bali
Our Surf Camp is more than a luxury boutique hotel that caters to the every need of the traveling surfer. It is a gathering place for passionate individuals from-around-the-world to relax, and recharge, as they enjoy Canggu, Bali, Indonesia.
surf&snowboard& ski
Meet us at the beach in the morning for a Surf session, then join us on a party bus as we head up to Big Bear to finish our day on the mountain!
The first and most famous place for scuba diving in Australia is the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef offers spectacular diving on coral walls teaming with life, giant coral bays and coral gardens, deep bommies, swim thru’s, small caverns, caves and a large array of marine animals.
Mexico surfing
A maximum of 12 surfers are booked with Salina Cruz Surf Tours per week, and are divided up into smaller tactical groups for surfing averaging 3-4 surfers each.
Surfing Bali
Exploring the surfers paradise of Bali! We love to check out the bukit when we’re on the island! Captured by @trenny_m
Snorkel !
A personal sailing reef and island tour. Sail, snorkel and scuba dive aboard personalized tours with fun and professional crew. Explore Green Island in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.
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  Note that we are building a site that is not Non-Profit. Journeyman will be promoting programs of educational travel around the world. Most of this work will be to share the organizations that are providing experiences that fit our goals. The purpose we are pursuing at Journeyman Network, is  the promotion of small group or independent travel to one place for an extended time to pursue a passionate interest. We ask for donations to support this unpaid work of sharing information about enhancing thoughtful travel. We also are creating new programs and offering the service of custom group and individual travel experiences.

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