There are no strangers on the street.

On our recent trip to Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, we chose to stay at the Hotel Pleasant Haveli.

It is convenient to the entrance of the fort, near the old city at the fort's base and in secluded neighborhood. Our choice of travel is to stay in or near an interesting neighborhood for at least a few days. A problem I see with tours, especially big ones, is that you get on the bus, off the bus and back on the bus shortly. You also eat and stay with groups of like minded travelers. In reality, you get some fine photos of you standing in front of something you have seen, but were isolated from actually experiencing much about the place. And to add to the injury, the locals that serve you in their community become jaded to this brief encounter.

A win/ win, or slightly better is to stay a while and get to know people. Even a few days will be something that local people can appreciate.

We scheduled to be there for the spring celebration of Holi. After an evening of digging holes in the streets for celebratory fires and singing, the neighbors toss and smear or spray color on each other and anyone they happen to meet.

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