Remembering the journey.

It's interesting that just before we left for a few weeks in Rajasthan, India I had made a presentation that included this: " We wish to bring a piece of our experience home and souvenirs is how we do that. I’ll say this in a diplomatic way: Why would you go to a unique place then buy crap produced in some other country with the name of your special place plastered on it? Don’t. Buy something you will use or as a real gift. Support the businesses that are around for generations still doing great work".

Take a look at this NYT article-

Well, so this is what I brought back- Upper left is a scarf from our guide to support his work and to warm my neck. I now have 4 neck warmers. There are a few small idols which I don't worship, but found to be of nostalgic value. The horse art is done on an old postcard and I wanted to bring something from that neighborhood, deep in Udaipur. The heart cloth is a pillow case from desert widow women in Rajasthan. And a favorite is the cloth shopping bag- the equivalent of our throw away, one time plastic bag.

I added the tiny Ganesh to the top of our Michael Kline pot in our kitchen window.

This is a Jaisalmer "plastic" bag! They take old cloth and make bags for their shoppers to take purchases home.
I added my little Ganesh to a Michael Klein pot in our window.

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