So after stumbling around the blog site for a while, I finally figured out a few things I'll promptly forget. I wish I had some words of wisdom the would make your day but this is just a commercial. To do my part to promote the Toe River Valley, Puzzles are available at Something Special, Burnsville,NC, OOAK Gallery in Micaville,NC and Albert's Lodge in Busick,NC. Paris,Cleveland,India puzzles will be coming in due time.

This blogging thing is so tough for me. First I have to stumble around figuring out how to even get access to be able to do it. Then I have to try to type something with my one finger that is some sort of idea that anybody would be interested in. So I'll pause for a commercial. Puzzles are available that honor the Toe River Valley are available at Albert's Lodge, Something Special, Burnsville,NC and OOAK Gallery, Micaville,NC. We'll get to Paris, Cleveland,India & beyond in due time.
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