See the world with a new perspective.

Find the places you may be passionate about.

Our Approach

We want to share ideas on artful living,thoughtful travel and places that are emerging in the 21st. century as destinations for passionate travelers. We are promoting 3 things: Local real places that have interesting stories to follow on RKJourneyman blogs, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook Pages. Booklets about the wonderful things and folks we find in the world. And Special Journeys for small groups to immerse in a world that they are passionate about. Join us.

Next Steps:

You're ready to get off the tour bus and explore seriously passionate interests with friends. What we offer is a custom opportunity to go to one place and stay for as many days as you wish, explore around the area each day, but return to familiar restful surroundings to recall the day, relax with friends, learn the local pace. Virtually all tours take you from one hotel to the next. Get off the bus and stay awhile. It's really the next step.

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