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Go for the tough challenge.There are many to choose from.

Ride the Mountains
Ride the curves for 200 miles and you'll see how tough that is. And absolutely thrilling. Join them.
Chattanooga Ironman
On a course like no other, athletes and spectators enjoy the scenic beauty and swim down the Tennessee River. We welcome any and all spectators to come out and cheer on these athletes to the finish line!
The Color Run
The Color Run is a five-kilometer, untimed event. At each kilometer mark, Color Runners are doused from head to toe in a different colored powder. Participants wear white at the starting line and finish the race plastered in color. Once the race is over, the fun continues at the Finish Festival, a larger-than-life party equipped with music, dancing, photo ops, activity booths, vendors, and more massive color throws.,
Run for the Music
For over 20 years, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series has made running fun by infusing each course with live bands, cheer teams and more. In 2018, we have reset our focus to deliver best-in-class running events, where music is core and our community encourages participants to feel like they are something bigger than themselves.
Church of Madonna del Ghisallo
High in the hills above Lake Como lies a small ‘chiesa‘, which is probably the only religious place in the world ok with visitors wearing bibs. Filled with both pre- and post-war Giro d’Italia memorabilia, it is home to the patron saint of cycling.
Skijoring Colorado
For those who have never witnessed this sport first-hand, there’ s nothing quite like seeing skiers hurtle 8-foot jumps and spear rings as they’re towed behind speeding horses with adrenaline-fueled riders at the reins. The sport of skijoring continues to grow across the country and around the globe. But it’s Leadville Ski Joring that stands out among the other competitions. Tough luck! Get there next year.
Tough Mudder
This is no ordinary fun run. Tough Mudder 5K is an experience - and it’s coming to a Tough Mudder weekend near you. Welcome to a teamwork-focused, obstacle-crammed event topped off by the most epic Mudder Village Festival your Instagram feed has ever seen.
Once Again, No Participants Were Able to Finish the Barkley Marathons
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