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The American Road Trip
I AM A FREAK FOR the American road trip. And I’m not alone, as some of this country’s best writers have taken a shot at describing that quintessentially American experience. “There is no such knowledge of the nation as comes of traveling in it, of seeing eye to eye its vast extent, its various and teeming wealth, and, above all, its purpose-full people,”
Carolina Literary Festival
Whatever your reading preferences, there will be something for you at the Carolina Mountains Literary Festival in Burnsville, NC.
London Literary Pub Crawl
There isn't time to eat during the tour or drink at every pub, but we have a few drink breaks! The tour covers just over a mile, so is fairly gentle, but it's London, so sensible shoes, warm clothing and an umbrella may be a good idea. The tour will go ahead in spite of the weather!
Literary Travel
Travel Pursuits take you through space and time to literary destinations like Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Colombia, Flannery O’Connor’s Savannah, and the Belle Epoque Paris of Delacroix and Degas. By exploring the particular visions of writers and artists in the location in which their works were created, discover the timeless truths that make their works so compelling.
Film locations- Amelie
No, there is nothing wrong with your sense of direction! Although Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the director of Amélie, took a few liberties with the topography of the district, the Blanche metro station would be Amélie’s (Audrey Tautou) station. Nevertheless, the spot is a great place to start your walk.
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