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I have a broad brush approach to creative learning. Ivan Illich was one guide on the search for meaningful learning. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/223403.Deschooling_Society. Will you make puppets or chairs? Probably not. But if you follow along you will feel more comfortable defining the things you are most passionate about and find companions with the same interests. I will be bringing the best things I can find. Let me know your interests.And share what you find with me. It's a big wonderful world out there. rjk.america@gmail.com.

Book club travel
Spend a week in the mountains.
Art School Barcelona
"Not everybody has the possibility ‘to tear out an entire year of the calendar and fly off to Spain’. We understand that."
Cousins in Clay
"The Cousins in Clay is a collaborative adventure started in 2010 by Bruce Gholson, Samantha Henneke, and Michael Kline. Each year we invite some of our pottery kin from far and wide for a pottery rich weekend that includes a whole lot of our best pottery, awesome fresh food and beverage, and of course we make pots! In 2019 Courtney Martin and Kyle Carpenter joined Michael to host the sale in Bakersville."
Street Art
A free offering! Or you can come to Asheville in the spring when dozens of artists come to paint the walls. Credit: Paige. Follow her blog.
The Innovative Life
Discover Innovation.
Glass Class
The Toe River Valley has one of the largest numbers of studio glass artists in the world. Penland has a world class glass program.
Fabric Design
Block printing
"It has long been a dream of mine to tailor a space specifically for instructing so I'm very excited to be announcing the start of this new venture. This space will be dedicated to hosting in depth courses in chair making as well as other types of woodworking and craft, always with an emphasis on the students experience."
Stone Carving
Gem& Minerals
An international gem show in a small rural town. Come for the metals session at Penland and visit the festival. https://penland.org/workshops/summer-session-5/
Ceramic Artists
The finest contemporary clay is found here.
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  Note that we are building a site that is not Non-Profit. Journeyman will be promoting programs of educational travel around the world. Most of this work will be to share the organizations that are providing experiences that fit our goals. The purpose we are pursuing at Journeyman Network, is  the promotion of small group or independent travel to one place for an extended time to pursue a passionate interest. We ask for donations to support this unpaid work of sharing information about enhancing thoughtful travel. We also are creating new programs and offering the service of custom group and individual travel experiences.

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