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So much to see, so little time! And so much to cover. I didn't get to specialty finds, like (Mickey Mouse}, Hillsville, those great Texas flea markets or the wonderful junk shops everywhere. The nice thing about junk is you can take it home and make some great art with it. https://blog.feedspot.com/upcycling_blogs/

The Best
We are a team of vintage enthusiasts who travel the world to discover antiques and new flea markets! We're also the mind behind Fleamapket, a curated map of the world’s best flea markets
Carolina Flea Markets
From the high-end designer boutiques of Charlotte to street markets and country fleas, North Carolina is the perfect place to pick up incredible bargains, unique finds and rare antiques. We’ve chosen our top 15 best flea markets in North Carolina for treasure hunters.
Rt. 127 Yard Sale
127YardSale.com has much to offer, and we're just getting started. Have a look around and get to know the 127 Yard Sale community and learn everything you need to know.
Hunting for personal treasure
A favorite part of my business is going out into the field, visiting my artists and perhaps stumbling across a rare find. Heading down a country road with the cruising tunes on and the cooler stocked with egg salad sandwiches and cokes in a bottle sure makes for a delightful journey.
Paris France Flea Markets
Les Puces flea market in Paris is the largest of its kind in the world and is brimming with vintage and antique treasures. Prepare for your trip with our handy tips on tackling this monumental market.
The best French Fleas,
I'd love to work on a group flea trip to Southern France.
Flea Shows
Ah! A real professional flea trip.Vintage Market Days is THE place to find original art, antiques, vintage clothing, handmade treasures, seasonal plantings and baked goods
Junkin' Trip
I'm planning a junkin' trip to Asheville,NC. This is how it's done. "When I'm going on a junkin' trip, I have a list of "must haves" that I make sure I take along with me. I don't take any extras I don't need because I don't want the added weight, so if they are on my list, they are what I consider to be necessities (at least for me)."
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