The Creative Life

This month we are examining ways that our travel experiences can enhance the creative skills in our lives. Each one of us have passionate interests and our task here is to offer some of the many ways you can discover more about the things you love and add to the life skills you already have. Each week we will look at creative learning experiences, Classes& Workshops, Old Craft Places and Artful Living. We have enjoyed looking for villages and communities that have developed art & craft skills over hundreds of years. And the notion of how we all look at our own versions of artful living is interesting. We continue to improve how we offer these travel opportunities. I want to continue searching for leader sessions, promote our local and regional offerings and discover more interesting experiences around the world.


A Writing Workshop
Our first leader workshop is by Katey Schultz April 22 -27 2019, MI
Join Katey for a week-long Deep Revision Retreat. This is a fully-immersive, facilitated writing residency that blends traditional instruction and self-guided writing time, with the end goal of revising a large portion of a full or partial manuscript.
Creativity workshop
The Creativity Workshop In Prague
July 11 – 15, 2019
The Creativity Workshop in Prague will help you become more creative in your personal and professional life. We use many techniques in creative writing memoir, art, photography, storytelling, mapmaking, mindfulness and guided visualization to help you explore your inner creativity.
Artistic communities
Join arts leaders, funders, policy-makers, residency staff, board members, educators and artists from across the globe as we explore support for today's artists and artist-centered approaches to engaging our communities and developing healthy organizations.
Penland School of Craft
Penland is the best model of the travel experience Journeyman Network promotes. A small group of folks passionate about their interest in a community for a week or two.A truly transformative experience. We are fortunate that it is here in the Toe River Valley surrounded by several hundred artists and craftsfolks.
Toe River Valley Studio Tour
"The tour features more than 100 artists in a variety of media. Potters, painters, glassblowers, textile artists, jewelry makers, blacksmiths, sculptors, carvers and mixed-media artists throughout Yancey and Mitchell counties open their studios for the three-day weekend. Guests are invited to meet the artists, see their working studios, learn more about the meaning behind their work, and purchase items to take home."
Wool festivals.
If you have a knitting club, go here.
"Wonderwool Wales Festival is a fun, friendly event with 210+ exhibitors and trade stands covering all aspects of felting, knitting, weaving, spinning & crochet along with textile art, with raw materials, equipment, books & beautiful finished products to buy."
Art tours.
“Asheville is packed with artists, and Sherry Masters seems to know them all. Take a tour with Sherry, and learn just what makes the city – and its talented artists – so special.” 
Monica Moses, editor in chief, American Craft magazine, July '15 tour
I know, this is a stretch, but I built homes and love stonework. Indulge me.
Plein Air painting
Instead of selfies and back on the bus, take some time to sketch or draw or paint.
Fire on the Mountain
Create your Place.
Nothing exemplifies your artful living than your home. (even if you rent!) Find a style you like and travel the world discovering the best examples.
Artful Living
I am clear about my focus when we travel. The top of my activity list is discovering the neighborhood that demonstrates a vibrant, active, creative community. That takes many forms. Tell us where you are going and we can find that place to suggest to you. I should make up a short questionnaire don't you think?
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  Note that we are building a site that is not Non-Profit. Journeyman will be promoting programs of educational travel around the world. Most of this work will be to share the organizations that are providing experiences that fit our goals. The purpose we are pursuing at Journeyman Network, is  the promotion of small group or independent travel to one place for an extended time to pursue a passionate interest. We ask for donations to support this unpaid work of sharing information about enhancing thoughtful travel. We also are creating new programs and offering the service of custom group and individual travel experiences.

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