Walk? Stroll? Meander? Wander? Hike? It all depends on what you like. I tend to walk a bit and sit, whether I'm urban, rural or deep in nature. So I'll offer a few different options this week to get you on your way.

Toe River Valley Nature Walk
We seek the genius of each species and trace the marvelous intricacies

of their relationships. On our guided tours, we invite you into astoundingly diverse habitats

and reveal the mysteries of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Legendary English walk.
Wiltshire is where Foot Trails was born, and will always be our first love.
Strolling Barcelona
My suggestion? Stay for as long as you can and take several of these programs.
Nepal hikes
This five-day trek travels through lower altitudes, making this once-in-a-lifetime activity more approachable. Hike alongside rhododendron and oak forests in Chisopani, capture sunset at Nagarkot, and visit Namo Buddha, one of the most sacred Buddhist sites in the country.
Jane's Walk
We walk our cities to honor and activate the ideas of Jane Jacobs. Jane’s Walk is a community-based approach to city building that uses citizen-led walking tours to make space for people to observe, reflect, share, question and re-imagine the places in which they live, work and play.
Hiking Inn to Inn.
There is no better way to experience Vermont than inn to inn.
Boundless Journeys offer what every seasoned traveler looks for: the opportunity to truly experience a destination by slowing down, stepping out of your everyday life, and immersing yourself in places often only accessible on foot.
Wine Walk
Two of the most famous vineyards worldwide are located to the south of Dijon – the Côte de Nuits, from Chenove to Corgoloin, producing powerful red wines; and the Côte de Beaune, from Aloxe Corton to Santenay, renowned for its delicate red wines and its full-bodied white wines. Since the 3rd century B.C., the vineyards here have provided the noblest vintages.
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