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The world is filled with places to find the things you are passionate about. Think for a moment about those things. Thoughtful travel is about focusing on those things that you are really interested in. You can wander about with a bucket list of sites you wish to see. Spend your time and money on discovering those things you really care about. Leave the gawking to the tourists. Let me know what you really care about. This is creative travel.


Explore creativity
Creative Signage
The most invasive form of public art is commercial signage and most of it is crappy. Learn good design and change the world we see.
I plan on developing programs on Textiles art in India. Let me know if you are interested. Like this:
Street Art
We find the most amazing public art being created on neglected buildings and alleyways. Discover the best. Asheville<NC has wonderful displays everywhere. Head down to 12 Bones.
Hot iron is a great thing to beat on. Learn the song, do it well.
Irish Whiskey
Why would I ever include this as a travel opportunity? Because A local distillery is using our mountain spring water in his liquid craft.
Start with the basics and explore from there.
I can help you find it.
Which path?
Find your interest, then discover it in the world.
Each step.
Explore creativity
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  Note that we are building a site that is not Non-Profit. Journeyman will be promoting programs of educational travel around the world. Most of this work will be to share the organizations that are providing experiences that fit our goals. The purpose we are pursuing at Journeyman Network, is  the promotion of small group or independent travel to one place for an extended time to pursue a passionate interest. We ask for donations to support this unpaid work of sharing information about enhancing thoughtful travel. We also are creating new programs and offering the service of custom group and individual travel experiences.

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