By the Beautiful Sea

 Well, maybe that's a stretch.  For this week I'm trying to stay in the neighborhood of cool things that have to do with water. Lakes, ice caves, horses, funky mail boxes, urban beaches I don't really ever get to because I got sidetracked. I tried. Cool places for hot times. Hint: we usually go to such places when off season has just been declared. And note that Mexico Beach could use your love. 

Ice Cave Tours.
This Ice caving and glacier hiking adventure tour takes place on the mighty Vatnajökull, Europe’s largest glacier. Ice caves are naturally formed and are for that reason ever changing, making them even more charming and unique. The cave you visit on this tour is located quite high up on the glacier so a glacier hike is needed in order reach it adding even more value to the whole glacier experience giving you two activities in one. This is truly an awe-inspiring adventure, visiting a glacier and
N.C. Brunswick Islands
Put a note in the Kindred Spirit Mailbox.
Getting to a place of quietude is a good thing now.
Mexico Beach
Slum tourism is one thing, this is different. Lend a hand, enjoy the beach.
Amalfi Coast
Many visitors stop at Ravello during the day since there isn’t direct beach access, allowing those who do stay to enjoy peaceful evenings. with few crowds and spectacular views.
Seattle bird&wildlife cruise
Join Puget Sound Express for exciting 3 day cruises through the San Juan Islands in Washington State.
Patara Beach, Turkey
Get some history with the sand. The ruins of ancient Patara are just inland from the beach, and no big hotels can be built in an archeological zone, so the beach should be protected from heavy development.
The French Riviera
While discovering An urban beach- Nice, I wandered over to Eze. We often stay close to cool urban cities. Well, I came across this amazing tour that "fits" all our criteria, except our budget! Make it fit yours.
Adirondack Lakes
Experience the Adirondacks — it's wild!
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