Our feathered friends are flying all


over the place and just their  shear

beauty is worth finding a place to

enjoy them

Carolina Mountains,USA
Ventures Birding Tours is based in Asheville, North Carolina. Tours range from day trips in the Blue Ridge Mountains to birding trips from Ecuador to Bhutan.
Wildside Nature Tours
Every April Wildside's owner, Kevin Loughlin , heads to St Augustine to man the Wildside booth and teach a few photo workshops.
Nova Scotia
This trip is any nature lover's dream! We'll explore incredible vistas throughout Nova Scotia. In Cape Breton Highlands National Park we'll search for moose and walk several trails searching for moose and a plethora of colorful warblers.
Cornell Bird Count.
This is our least expensive and most rewarding travel experience. Count your feathered neighbors! And share what you learn.
Birding in Paris.
Adam Sedgley is an avid birdwatcher, runner, cyclist, naturalist, and admirer of foreign cultures.Look for passionate bloggers when researching your travel plans.
Over the past 70 years, more than 80 percent of the original tropical forest in Coto Brus, Costa Rica has disappeared. But what if a growing local practice can help to conserve these forests and the species that inhabit them?
Victor Emanuel Nature Tours
Tour of the fabled Brazilian Pantanal, one of the premier wildlife spectacles in the world. Seasonally flooded savannas brimming with birds and mammals, and an excellent chance of seeing Jaguar (our last 16 tours have been successful); easy birding in one of the birdiest locations on the planet, for spectacular Hyacinth Macaws, Jabirus, Bare-faced Curassows.Optional extension to spectacular Iguaçu Falls National Park.
Northern India Birding
Jaipur, because of its sweet climate, is home to an exquisite number of birds’ species.
Also, the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is a World Heritage Site near the town of Bharatphur in Rajasthan. It’s been given this award by UNESCO because of its sheer wealth of birdlife.
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